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Updated on Tuesday 04th January 2022

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The Trade Register in Indonesia is known as the Company Registry which is controlled by the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board, the institution that deals with the incorporation of enterprises, whether local or with foreign investors as owners. In compliance with the Indonesian Company Law 40 of 2007, limited liability companies (PMA), local companies (PT), branches and representative offices can be set up with the Company Registry in Indonesia.

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Details about the Company Registry in Indonesia

When deciding for company formation in Indonesia, entrepreneurs should direct their attention to our consultants in this matter because they can offer complete support in procedure/documents topics at the Company Registry in Indonesia. Persons interested in information about firms in Indonesia can fill in a request with the Directorate General of Public Law Administration, where the company data is archived. We would like to remember that the institution comprises each detail about any activity of a firm and information about the taxes and social contributions imposed, whether there are debts or not. 

Our agents in company incorporation in Indonesia can provide you with suitable information and guidelines regarding a company registration in Indonesia and can explain all aspects when dealing with the Company Registry in the country.

Functions of the Trade Register in Indonesia

The Indonesian Trade Register falls under the administration of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights and has the following functions:
  • to register new companies and keep information about existing companies in Indonesia;
  • to keep the database of existing companies up-to-date all the time;
  • remove the companies which are dissolved or come to the end of their existing period;
  • providing information to those requesting access to the database.
With respect to Indonesian company searches, these imply:
  • the party searching for information asks for access by filing an application with the Trade Register;
  • the party asking for information pays an administration fee and submit the receipt with the application form;
  • the information will be provided within 7 working days from the application;
  • the information which can be obtained refers to the address, phone number and activities of the company.
Our Indonesia company incorporation consultants can help with inquiries with the Companies Registrar.

You can find out information on the Trade Register in Indonesia from the video below:

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Establish an LLC in Indonesia through the Company Registry

The suitable business form which allows foreign investors to establish their presence on the Indonesian market is the limited liability company, an entity that can have 100% foreign ownership. The Company Registry in Indonesia will allow the incorporation of LLCs if the following conditions are met:

•    provide the name of the company and also details related to the business address;
•    information about the owners and the managers of the business;
•    details about whether the company is made for a definite or indefinite period of time;
•    the activities of the business;
•    the Articles of Association and the Memorandum.

The LLC can be easily set up with the Company Registry in Indonesia, but for complete support and guidance, we invite you to get in touch with our team of company incorporation representatives in Indonesia.

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