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Updated on Monday 27th August 2018

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Opening a company in Indonesia comes with several requirements for foreign investors who must also consider the tax implications. For this reason, getting better acquainted to the taxation system is a must before starting the company registration procedure in Indonesia.

In order to know as much as possible about the tax system, many foreign citizens request advice from accountants in Indonesia even before moving here. We want to help our clients as much as possible, so we have prepared packages which include both accounting and company formation services in Indonesia.

Why do I need accounting services in Indonesia?

If you want to open a company in Indonesia, you first know that this small country imposes a larger number of taxes compared to other countries. Even if the levies are not imposed at very high rates, you should consider some tax minimization solutions which can be offered by our company registration agents in Indonesia.

The opening of a company in Indonesia should be a good reason to ask for accounting services, especially for tax planning reasons. For example, the government offers various incentives when investing in certain special free zones or industries.

Please watch our video on accounting services in Indonesia:

What are the accounting services available in Indonesia?

Our accounting services cover a wide range of needs for those who come to Indonesia. Among these are:

  •           the above-mentioned tax minimization and planning solutions;
  •           payroll and HR services for companies;
  •           tax filing services with the Directorate Generate of Taxes;
  •           drafting financial statements;
  •           accounts payable and accounts receivable services;
  •           VAT registration and filing.

Our local agents can offer information on all the accounting services available in Indonesia.

A few facts on the taxation system in Indonesia

We mentioned earlier that Indonesia imposes several taxes. When it comes to the taxation of individuals the income tax is the most important one. However, companies in Indonesia must pay the following taxes:

  •           the corporate tax which is levied on the business profits of companies;
  •           the sales tax which applies to goods imported or delivered in Indonesia;
  •           the value-added tax (VAT) which is applicable to goods and services sold in Indonesia;
  •           the customs and excise taxes, however, Indonesia has signed various trade agreements which reduce these taxes;
  •           the withholding taxes applicable on incomes from dividend payments, interests and royalties.

Tax rates in Indonesia

The following tax rates apply in Indonesia:

 Tax  Rate
 Corporate tax  1%-25%
 Personal income tax  5%-30%
 Withholding tax  2%-20%
 Value added tax  20%

Tax incentives in Indonesia

The following tax incentives are available for foreign investors and companies in Indonesia:
  1.       companies can benefit from various tax concessions and incentives;
  2.       various holiday tax benefits are also available for companies;
  3.       foreign companies with branches can also benefit from tax cuts when reinvesting the profits of their branches;
  4.       corporate tax reductions for small companies with an annual income below 5 million USD.

For full information on the taxation system applicable in Indonesia, please contact us. We can also assist with the company and tax registration procedures in Indonesia.