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Updated on Wednesday 02nd June 2021

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The Permit House has team of international business consultants specialized company formation in Indonesia for foreign entrepreneurs interested in investing in this country. 
The local representatives of our company, who have a large experience in business consulting and representing companies, provide incorporation services and legal advice in certain aspects of commercial and corporate law. They are also experienced in providing a wide range of other services, such as:

-    company registration,
-    application for different types of permits and licenses,
-    virtual office,
-    company secretary,
-    accounting and payroll etc.

The Permit House's main focus is on assisting foreign investors who want to live and work in Indonesia. We help them obtain the permits, licenses, registration certificates and other official documents from the Indonesian authorities.

We help you apply for Indonesian visas or stay permits which is a complex process. Our business consultants provide a wide range of services for local and foreign investors who want to set up different types of companies/entities in Indonesia: representative office (KPPA), limited liability company (PT. PMDN) and companies with foreign direct investment (PT PMA).

For more details about the services offered to foreign clients, you may contact our local specialists in company registration in Indonesia.