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Updated on Friday 18th March 2022

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Foreign citizens relocating to Indonesia have the possibility of working or starting their own businesses in this country. With one of the largest consumer markets in the world, those who want to open their own companies will find many opportunities if they decide to set up shops in Indonesia.

There are various types of shops which can be open in Indonesia and our local consultants can guide foreign investors who want to start such business in this country.

What types of shops can one open in Indonesia?

Opening a retail store in Indonesia is not difficult, however choosing the types of products to sell can be rather complicated, as the demand for various goods is quite high. Foreigners can open small or large shops in Indonesia, depending on the money they want to invest in the business.

We remind investors of the need to make an investment of USD 7000.000 for the PT PMA, which is for registering a limited liability company with full foreign ownership in Indonesia.

Foreigners can open the following types of shops in Indonesia:
  1.           stores for selling foodstuff and beverages, which are the most common shops here;
  2.           large stores which accommodate a wide variety of goods, including clothes and shoes;
  3.           e-commerce shops through which the sale of goods is completed online;
  4.           small shops which can be set up in renowned touristic destinations, like Bali.

Our agents can help with the company registration process of a shop in Indonesia. Starting this business is not subject to the condition to immigrate to Indonesia.

Business registration for opening a shop in Indonesia

As mentioned earlier, opening a shop in Indonesia requires a minimum share capital which must be deposited with the Investment Coordinating Board in Indonesia. Then, the company must be registered with the Business Register in Indonesia.

Apart from these requirements, certain licenses must be obtained for selling goods in an Indonesian shop. Among these are:
  •           import licenses for goods imported by the company selling them in the shop;
  •           export licenses if the Indonesian store will send locally-produced goods to other countries;
  •           fire certificate permits issued by the local police force in the city the shop operates in;
  •           construction permits for those building the premises the shop will operate in.

For assistance in opening a shop in Indonesia, please contact our local representatives. We can also help you if you wish to immigrate to Indonesia.