Residency by Investment in Indonesia

Updated on Monday 17th January 2022

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Acquiring Indonesia residency by investment is possible first for temporary purposes and then for permanent ones when an entrepreneur holds the C13 or C14 limited stay visa for foreign investment.
Staying in the country under this visa is advantageous for foreign investors who wish to open a run a company as they are permitted to continue to travel during the validity of the visa, having access to a re-entry permit.
If you want to open a company in Indonesia and remain in the country to run the company you will need the visa and, in time, you will be eligible for residency. Read below to find out more about the types of visas available and the conditions for application, especially if your main goal is to immigrate to Indonesia.

What is the investor visa in Indonesia?

The investor visa is different from the business visa in the sense that it allows the holder to remain in the country for a longer period and engage in activities that are related to the business he intends to set up and run. For those foreign investors who have not yet decided to start a business and wish to conduct a market research first, a visa that allows the holder to conduct pre-investment activities may be suitable.
Those who have decided to open a company in Indonesia have two options, with different durations:
  • C313 limited stay visa for foreign investment with a maximum 1 year duration;
  • C314 limited stay visa for foreign investment with a maximum 2 year duration.
For the purpose of obtaining Indonesia residency by investment, the second option is common as it allows the holder to remain in the country longer. Our team of company formation experts can give you more details.

What are the conditions for obtaining an investor visa in Indonesia?

A minimum investment amount is needed for foreign direct investments in Indonesia and the holder of the investor visa will not only need to provide a minimum share capital for the company he opens, but he will also need to have a minimum investment in shares. This is why this route to immigrate to Indonesia is best suited to those who have the business expertise and capital.
Some of the conditions are outlined below:
  • have a minimum investment for a foreign direct investment company of at least IDR 10 billion;
  • the minimum paid-up and issued capital is IDR 2.5 billion;
  • each shareholder needs to contribute at least IDR 10 million.
An additional requirement for the applicant of the investor visa is to make a minimum investment in company shares. In most cases, this will be of at least 1 billion in company shares. If the holder of the visa will also act as a company director, the minimum investment can be lower.
The conditions for making a foreign investment in the country are only briefly outlined above. You can always reach out to us to find out more details about the general company formation process in Indonesia and the conditions for investment.
A company incorporated by a foreign investor in Indonesia will observe the same rules for taxation and licensing in case of regulated business activities.
The documents requested when applying for an investor visa in Indonesia are the following:
  • a valid passport (which has a validity period of at least 6 months following arrival);
  • proof of living expenses or at least USD 1,500 while in the country;
  • the return ticket;
  • two photographs;
  • the filled-in visa application form.
A guarantee letter from a Grantor is required in certain cases. Some of these documents are required for all who wish to immigrate to Indonesia.
The following visa fees apply:
  • $150 for the temporary stay visa;
  • $110 for the one-year multiple-entry visitor visa;
  • $50 visa fee for the C313 and C314 visas.
These fees may be subject to change. We advise you to check them with our agents before applying.
Our team is also ready to answer other questions you may have about the immigration policy. As an investor in the country, you can also bring your family with you, however, they will need to apply for the limited stay visa and the limited stay permit card separately.  

How is Indonesia residency by investment granted?

Residency in Indonesia is first obtained based on a temporary residence permit, such as the investor visa described above which can be renewed. Permanent residency is obtained after having lived continuously in the country for five years.
Are you ready to apply for a visa and then follow through with the process to obtain Indonesia residency by investment? We can help you with pre-application advice and assistance, we will assist you during the application (with information about its status and whether or not additional documents are required) and we will also answer any questions about the renewal of your investor visa, so that you may do so in due time.
We can help you throughout the application process. Contact us if you have more questions about the Indonesia residency by investment option.