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Updated on Friday 18th March 2022

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In order to be able to immigrate to Indonesia from UK, one needs to first obtain a temporary stay permit, followed by a permanent stay permit.
United Kingdom nationals, along with nationals of another 168 countries are permitted to enter Indonesia and remain no more than 30 days. The simple visa-free visit cannot be extended.
The Indonesian Immigration Authority is the one in charge of processing visa and/or temporary stay permit applications for all intended purposes.
Failure to observe the provisions in force regarding obtaining the right type of permit or overstaying one’s visa results in prosecution.
Foreign investors from Great Britain who wish to immigrate to Indonesia from UK in order to start a business can reach out to our team of local company formation experts.
We are a team of specialists who assist foreign nationals who wish to immigrate to the country and open a company in Indonesia. We provide services to investors who wish to remain in the country once they incorporate the business (thus requiring a visa or a temporary stay permit), as well as those who are already in the country and wish to start their own company in a business field of choice.
Read below to find out more about the conditions to move to Indonesia from the UK and reach out to us as needed in order to obtain proper assistance during the relocation process.

Immigrate to Indonesia from UK helped by our specialists

We can help you with the following:
  • Make your first entry in the country: if you are first entering Indonesia from the UK based on the visa-free policy, you will still need to comply with certain requirements; we can assist you if you wish to first enter the country to attend a business meeting or handle other company-related matters;
  • Apply for temporary stay: obtaining the KITAS, the permit that allows a foreign national to remain in the country for employment, business or family reasons, is mandatory; our team can help you apply;
  • Sort your living arrangements: remaining in the country for those who wish to immigrate to Indonesia from UK is conditioned by having sufficient means and proper accommodation; our team will help you understand these requirements;
  • Handle business: we assist foreign nationals who wish to open a company in Indonesia and we provide proper guidance throughout all of the company incorporation phases.
Our team will help you apply for the right type of KITAS, based on the purpose of your stay. One should know that the investor ITAS is different from the employment ITAS or the one that allows reuniting with a spouse.
For British nationals intending to move to Indonesia from the UK for work purposes, our team will help with more details about the sponsorship from the employer.

Issues to consider when you relocate to Indonesia from UK

Apart from the issues concerning the steps needed to open a company in Indonesia, investors who relocate here are advised to also consider:
  1. Health insurance: most expats who move to Indonesia from UK will take up private healthcare;
  2. Driving: British nationals will need to apply for an international driving license; this is issued by the Indonesian Motor Association;
  3. Property: making property purchases in Indonesia by foreign nationals is possible, however, it is subject to a set of rules; we strongly advise discussing this with our agents;
  4. Civil integration: British nationals who relocate to Indonesia from UK will need to be mindful of the social ethics and traditions.
There are no benefits from the Indonesian government to foreign nationals, however, UK benefits may still be available.
Indonesia is an important trade partner for the UK:
  • The total UK exports to Indonesia had a value of £1.4 billion to the end of Q3 2021;
  • The total UK important from Indonesia valued £1.2 billion at the end of Q3 2021;
  • In 2020, outward foreign direct investment from the UK to Indonesia was £11 million, as initially provided by the Office for National Statistics.
Contact us if you want to immigrate to Indonesia from UK. Our team will give you more details about our services.