Establish a Crowdfunding Company in Indonesia

Updated on Wednesday 12th January 2022

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Establish a Crowdfunding Company in Indonesia Image
Starting a fintech business in Indonesia is a very good idea for foreign investors interested in exploring an expanding industry. The government also regulated several activities related to cryptocurrencies, however, it has also provided for certain rules related to crowdfunding platforms. Also, the number of startups requesting the services of crowdfunding platforms in Indonesia has increased in the last few years.

If you want to open a crowdfunding company in Indonesia, there are a few requirements you should respect. Our company formation agents in Indonesia explain these regulations below. We can also help those who wish to immigrate to Indonesia.

Steps for creating an Indonesian crowdfunding company

The first step for opening a crowdfunding company in Indonesia is to register a company with the Companies Register. In the case of foreign investors, the company must also apply for an authorization with the Investment Coordinating Board.

Once the company is registered and the license for operating has been issued, it can offer the following types of crowdfunding services:
  1.           equity crowdfunding activities which imply for investors to buy shares in the companies registering with the platform;
  2.           donation crowdfunding activities through which investors can donate money to companies;
  3.           reward crowdfunding activities which are based on the rewards granted to investors;
  4.           debt crowdfunding activities which enable investors to lend money to companies.

Our Indonesia company incorporation advisors can help foreign investors who want to establish crowdfunding companies here.

Regulations imposed on crowdfunding platforms in Indonesia

Apart from the registration requirements imposed for opening a crowdfunding company in Indonesia, there are also other requisites imposed with the purpose of protecting investors and the registrants with the platforms. Among these regulations are:
  •           foreign investors opening crowdfunding platforms must have a local partner, however, they can own 85% of the company;
  •           foreign owners of crowdfunding platforms are allowed to act as lenders;
  •           the platform must have a minimum share capital of 260,000 USD;
  •           a loan obtained through the platform cannot be above the sum of 150,000 USD.

For assistance in opening a crowdfunding company in Indonesia, please contact our local consultants.

You can also contact our team if you wish to move to the country before starting this business. We can help you immigrate to Indonesia.