Creating a Publishing Business in Indonesia

Updated on Thursday 06th January 2022

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Indonesia has one of the largest populations in the world, which makes a great place for starting a business in. The country has evolved a lot in the last decade thanks to the development of the global economy which has meant the modernization of the Indonesian economy in all industries, including the publishing one.

Publishing now is one of the advanced sector of the local economy, as the great number of students in Indonesian universities are interested in all types of publishing works, national and international.

Foreign investors are allowed to set up publishing companies in Indonesia as long as they obtain a permission from the Investment Coordinating Board. Our company formation agents in Indonesia can explain the requirements related to setting up a publishing business as a foreigner.

Entering this line of business is not conditioned by completing the procedure to immigrate to Indonesia.

Legislation related to the Indonesian publishing industry

There are several laws which must be respected by both local and foreign investors opening companies in the publishing sector in Indonesia. Among these are:
  • the National Press Law;
  • the Independence of the Press Law;
  • the Social Media Law;
  • the Cybercrime Law which extends to digital publishing companies.
It should be noted that Indonesia is one of the first countries in the world to have its own law related to publishing on social media channels.

The oldest law on publishing in Indonesia is the Press Principal Provisions which dates back in 1966.

Registering a publishing company in Indonesia

Once the business plan is created and filed with the Investment Coordinating Board, foreign investors who want to register publishing companies in Indonesia must deposit the share capital with the bank where the corporate account was opened. Then, they must have the incorporation documents of the company drafted and filed with the Business Register.

Once the business license and certificate of registration of the Indonesian company are issued, the publishing business can register with the National Press Council.

It is worth noting that recently Indonesia has amended its Intellectual Property Law in order to enhance the protection of publishers’ copyrights.

For assistance in setting up a publishing company, please contact our consultants in Indonesia company incorporation matters.

We can also help those who wish to immigrate to Indonesia and then start this type of business.