Indonesian Government to Expand the Link and Match Program

Updated on Tuesday 27th March 2018

Indonesia has one of the largest populations in the world which means it also has a developed workforce, however it is still difficult for companies here to find the right employees. This is why the Ministry for Industry created the Link and Match program through which employers can find suitable candidates or students which they can prepare easier. Our company formation consultants in Indonesia can offer information on the Employment Law.

The ministry already linked 143 companies with several schools

Not only does Indonesia have one of the largest populations in the region and in the world, but most of its citizens are young which means they are still enrolled in some kind of education facility. Fortunately, the education level is quite high in Indonesia which gives both local and foreign companies here the necessary talent pool they can hire from. The only problem the government has had so far was to match potential employees with employers.

This is how the Link and Match program was created and its success came immediately. Up to this point, 143 Indonesian companies were linked with 292 schools from which the former can choose their future employees. Moreover, the vocational schools will be in charge in preparing the students based on the relevant industries and employers’ requirements.

The education sector is very prolific and investors who want to open companies in this industry can rely on our Indonesia company incorporation agents for assistance.

The number of cooperation deals between schools and industry representatives grew

The Link and Match program is one of the best schemes created by the government so far, but also one of the most appreciated by both Indonesian private companies and education facilities, as it created 612 cooperation agreements between the two parties.

At the moment, the program is developed at regional level and it comprises 5 regions in Indonesia; however, the chances of the authorities of expanding it are high because the government plans on matching close to 2,000 school and universities with companies all over the country by 2019.

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