Indonesia to Launch an Online Single Submission System

Updated on Friday 29th June 2018

At the of last year, the Indonesian government issued Regulation 91/2017 through which an online single submission (OSS) system for company registration would be launched this year. The system is now up and only needs to be updated; also, personnel is to be hired. One thing is for sure, though: the OSS has raised the interest of foreign investors who want to come to Indonesia. Our local agents can help foreigners who want to open companies in Indonesia.

What is the OSS?

The OSS will operate under the supervision of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) and was developed as a one-stop shop for company registration in Indonesia. To be more specific, the OSS is a web platform integrating the following:
  • a business documents submission window;
  • an environment and building licensing window;
  • a basic licensing window;
  • a commercial licensing window;
  • a business permit issuance window.
An important aspect of the new Online Single Submission system is that it will allow for Indonesian companies to be registered at central and regional levels. Also, it will be most helpful to foreign investors who make the first contact with the Indonesian authorities.

Our Indonesia company incorporation advisors can offer detailed information on the legislation related to foreign investments in this country.

Incentives to be granted automatically through the Indonesian OSS

One of the best features of the Online Single Submission system is that it will automatically verify investors’ worthiness of receiving various incentives, such as tax allowances, breaks or reductions. This way, business owners will no longer have to go through the process of filing supporting documents for benefitting from the fiscal facilities offered by the government.

The government plans on making the new system sustainable in order for it to accommodate new businesses and emerging industries. Among these fintech, e-commerce and tourism are expected to grow substantially over the next decade.

The program will be implemented gradually starting with this year and the government expects to be launched in 3 phases.
Until the new program is ready, please feel free to contact our company formation consultants in Indonesia for assistance in registering your company.