Immigrate to Indonesia from France

Immigrate to Indonesia from France image January 14, 2022

Entrepreneurs who wish to open a company and, for this purpose, immigrate to Indonesia from France, can apply for a visa that will allow them to do so.

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Residency by Investment in Indonesia

Residency by Investment in Indonesia image November 2, 2021

Acquiring Indonesia residency by investment is possible first for temporary purposes and then permanently.

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Immigrate to Indonesia from USA

Immigrate to Indonesia from USA image September 15, 2021

When you choose to relocate to Indonesia from USA to open a company you will need to follow a number of key steps.

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Investor KITAS in Indonesia

Investor KITAS in Indonesia image August 13, 2021

Obtaining an investor KITAS in Indonesia is one of the most popular immigration strategies among high-net-worth individuals and international investors looking for a place in Southeast Asia.

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Relocate to Jakarta

Relocate to Jakarta image August 13, 2021

Those who move to Jakarta will find themselves in a veritable megalopolis full of opportunities, but to get there you have to deal with Indonesia's red tape and bureaucracy.

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Immigrate to Bali

Immigrate to Bali image August 13, 2021

Many foreigners conduct their migration to Bali through the creation of their own businesses in Indonesia. Our team can help you set up a company in Indonesia.

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Lawyers in Indonesia

Lawyers in Indonesia image August 9, 2021

Our team provides corporate and individual services.

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Immigrate to Indonesia

Immigrate to Indonesia image July 1, 2021

Foreign nationals may choose to immigrate to Indonesia for various purposes such as investment, employment or reuniting with a family member.

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VAT Registration in Indonesia

VAT Registration in Indonesia image May 5, 2020

If companies are levied the corporate tax and individuals the personal income tax, which are direct taxes, there are also indirect levies among which the value added tax (VAT) or the goods and services tax (GST) is the most important one.

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Set Up a Business for Selling Textiles in Indonesia

Set Up a Business for Selling Textiles in Indonesia image August 7, 2019

One of the most lucrative business ideas in Indonesia is setting up a company in the textiles industry, especially when it comes to selling textiles products.

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