Establish a Restaurant in Indonesia

Establish a Restaurant in Indonesia image January 19, 2018

Foreign investors can set up restaurants in Indonesia by following the local legislation with respect to food labeling and licensing requirements. They are also required to comply with the provisions of the Commercial Law related to starting a business in Indonesia.

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Set Up a Recruitment Company in Indonesia

Set Up a Recruitment Company in Indonesia image January 16, 2018

With a local workforce mainly made up of professionals who speak English, finding employees is not difficult, however local companies can also hire foreigners with the help of recruitment agencies.

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Open a Travel Agency in Indonesia

Open a Travel Agency in Indonesia image January 11, 2018

Foreign enterprisers who want to open companies in tourism in Indonesia can set up travel agencies, hotels or restaurants depending on the amount they are willing to spend. One of the cheapest, but very profitable options, is the travel agency.

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Tax Minimization in Indonesia

Tax Minimization in Indonesia image January 8, 2018

The Indonesian tax authorities provide for numerous incentives and deductions which form very competitive tax minimization solutions when comparing Indonesia to other Southeast Asian countries.

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Workforce in Indonesia

Workforce in Indonesia image December 20, 2017

The workforce in Indonesia is very educated and some of of its most important attributes are its academic skills: good English and mathematics knowledge and high literacy rates.

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Imports/Exports in Indonesia

Imports/Exports in Indonesia image December 12, 2017

Indonesia is known for the large amounts of goods it imports and the re-exports to neighboring countries. Also, Indonesia has important natural resources which are exploited by local companies and exported.

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Indonesian Legislation Related to Foreign Investments

Indonesian Legislation Related to Foreign Investments image December 5, 2017

Indonesia is one of the countries where foreign investments are regulated by a specific law which is completed by other presidential and governmental decrees.

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VAT in Indonesia

VAT in Indonesia image November 30, 2017

If companies are levied the corporate tax and individuals the personal income tax, which are direct taxes, there are also indirect levies among which the value added tax (VAT) or the goods and services tax (GST) is the most important one.

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Liaison Office in Indonesia

Liaison Office in Indonesia image November 27, 2017

Foreign companies interested in setting up an establishment in Indonesia and choosing the representative office must comply with the Companies Act which provides for 3 types of liaison offices.

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Holding Company in Indonesia

Holding Company in Indonesia image November 23, 2017

The holding company will be registered as any other company in Indonesia. Most foreign entrepreneurs choose the limited liability company with foreign ownership as a structure for their holding companies.

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