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How to set up a company in Indonesia

Setting up a business in Indonesia, a transcontinental country situated mainly in Southeast of Asia can be a suitable and successful option for entrepreneurs seeking to expand their activities in a stable and reliable country with solid economic ties around the world. There are varied forms of Indonesian companies an investor can choose from, such as limited liability company, partnership, nominee limited liability company, foreign-owned LLC or branch. With a comprehensive understanding of the corporate, the commercial and the civil laws in Indonesia, our company formation agents in Indonesia can help any businessman, whether local or from abroad, preparing the incorporation documents and registering the firm.


Limited liability company in Indonesia

Indonesian LLC is known as Perseroan Terbatas (in Indonesian, the local language) and is the most preferred type of business form in the country. The condition of the minimum share capital set for an LLC in Indonesia encourages small and medium entrepreneurs to open businesses in the country. With about $ 3,789 (American dollars), one can start his/her activities in Indonesia. Please consider that such entity is available for local entrepreneurs. At least one director needs to be appointed and a commissioner who can be of any kind of nationality. One should know that the budgets, business plans, and company control are among responsibilities of a commissioner appointed for an Indonesian LLC.

Nominee LLC in Indonesia

This kind of company regards foreign entrepreneurs who want to establish their operations in Indonesia as fast as possible, due to the incorporation time of about several days. Furthermore, a nominee LLC allows the owner to acquire all kinds of properties in Indonesia. A local representative for a nominee LLC in Indonesia must be selected. 

Foreign-owned LLCs in Indonesia

Penanaman Modal Asing (PMA) are limited liability companies which can be partially or entirely owned by individuals from abroad, considering the provisions of the Foreign Capital Investment Law. These kinds of entities can be registered in Indonesia only if the Capital Investment Coordinating Board approved the business. One should know the minimum share capital in this matter has been recently set at around $ 3.789 from which at least 25% should be paid when registering the company in Indonesia.

Representative office in Indonesia

Foreign companies have the possibility of entering the Indonesian market for promotional activities and market research by establishing a representative office with a license available for two years. For the moment, this is a suitable option instead of opening a branch, as foreign companies are not allowed to implement their activities in the Indonesian market. There is no need for a minimum share capital for establishing a representative office in Indonesia and such entity can be registered with the help from our Indonesian company formation specialists who have a vast experience in this field. Our advisors can act like representatives of your businesses if a power of attorney is issued.
We invite you to watch our video on the company incorporation process in Indonesia:

Steps to register a company in Indonesia

Foreign investors who want to register companies in Indonesia must complete the following steps:
  1. Draft and investment plan which must be submitted with the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board;
  2. Deposit the share capital with a local bank (the amount to be deposited will depend on the type of company);
  3. Appoint the shareholders and the directors of the company (in certain cases, a commissioner must be nominated too);
  4. Choose and register the local address of the company (the address must also be written in the company’s incorporation documents);
  5. Prepare the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company and file them with the Trade Register;
  6. Applying for the business and the operational licenses with the relevant authorities;
  7. Registering for taxation and value added tax (VAT) purposes with the tax authorities.
Our local agents can help with the preparation of the documents related to registering any type of company in Indonesia.

Taxation of companies in Canada

Companies in Indonesia are subject to several taxes, among which the most important ones are the corporate tax and the value added tax.
The corporate tax in levied based on the income generated and the type of company. The corporate tax rates are:
  • the standard corporate income tax is levied at a flat rate of 25%;
  • public companies which are owned by the state in proportion of 40% are subject to a 20% tax rate;
  • small companies with an annual income of maximum 50 billion Rp benefit from a 50% of the standard corporate tax;
  • companies with an annual income of maximum 4,8 billion Rp benefit from a tax rate of 1%.
The standard VAT rate in Indonesia is 10%.

Setting up a company in Indonesia can be an easy process if the preparation of the documents is supervised by our team of company incorporation agents in Indonesia. For complete support in registration matters and related services, we invite you to contact us.

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